INCREDIBLY USEFUL CRAFTS You will love this video as it is full of cool ideas that will help you to solve various problems! You will learn brilliant ways to reuse old socks, how to ease your life when it’s too hot and much more! Insect bites are one of the most annoying problems during summer. But we know how to reduce itching using lemon juice Tea perfectly cures skin irritation after shaving or waxing. Freeze a tea bag and apply on the irritated zone. Most girls feel uncomfortable when thighs are touching during workouts, but we know what to do! Use baby powder and forget about this problem. The baby powder reduces friction and you feel comfortable again. Mix aspirin with water, add lemon juice and stir. Apply this mixture on cracked heels and wrap feet with plastic wrap and leave for 10 minutes. The result is incredible! Find out a perfect eyeliner trick in our video that will change your life! The next collection of ideas will teach you how to reuse a single or mismatched sock. Do not throw it away and watch this video! You can use a sock to easily clean a whiteboard from markers. If you are out of mop pads, you can replace them with a sock. Moreover, mop pads are expensive and if you use socks instead, you will save a lot of money. Also, you can replace a cleansing cloth with a sock. Use socks and ground coffee to polish your leather shoes. If a kid needs a coin purse, you can make it using a tiny baby sock. All you need to do is to sew a coin purse clasp to the sock and you’re all done. You can make a comfy pillow for your neck out of socks.,

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